Neck Pain

Individual care is at the heart of our approach

Recovery & Beyond: Cardiff Neck Pain Specialists

Along with back pain, neck pain is the most common reason for a visit to us here at the clinic .

We know how debilitating neck pain can be whether it is quick onset or has been a problem for a while . We treat many people per week with neck pain arising  from many different causes  .If you have severe acute neck pain it is peferable to be seen quickly which is why we keep appointments free each day to ensure you are able to be seen , gain some relief and  information on what has gone wrong and what needs to be done to put it right .


Symptoms of neck pain vary widely from sudden onset acute pain on specific movements to gradual onset steady dull ache.  The complexity of the neck and the sensitive nature of it’s structures mean that means that problems with the neck can lead to headaches or symptoms in the arm such as referred pain , pins and needles , numbness or weakness.


Acute symptoms may be due to an immediate trauma , such as the acceleration – deceleration injury commonly known as whiplash or other trauma. While the acute onset of moderate to severe pain without a known trauma may be due to disc or nerve root irritation , acute nerve root pain may only give severe arm pain without pain in the neck.  Osteoarthritis or degenerative changes to these structures are common ,  other sources of neck pain are the muscle and fascia of the neck.  Most conditions we see are due to a combination of the above conditions and /or due to excessive physical stresses on those structures .


Dealing with the reasons behind the excessive stress is always paramount to successfully resolving neck problems.  We would normally use some kind of manual therapy to the appropriate structures to help regain normal movement and encourage the healing process.

Exercise is very important to help maintain movement and improve motor control of the stabilising muscles.  Education and posture work are used to address adverse effects  from day to day activities  such as stresses from office work, incorrect sporting or working techniques and to help manage your particular body type.

At Recovery & Beyond our team have the skill and expertise to provide all the physical treatment needed  to resolve your complaint as well as provide your pathway to long term recovery with a focus on preventing any reoccurance  We have physio led pilates classes , a rehab studio and access to a strength and conditioning gym to work with you on moving better and improving  strength in key supporting structures reducing the chances of the pain coming back .

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Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports and Exercise Medicine

Recovery & Beyond is a proud member of The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports and Exercise Medicine.

Yep that’s a mouthful! While our membership underlines our commitment to sports physiotherapy, it’s our years of experience in rehabilitating, strengthening and maintaining sportsmen, both amateur and elite that make us the most proud.

We have slowly built up a centre of excellence that covers many of the aspects involved in preparation, rehab and recovery in the field of sports.

Physio for Runners, Skiiers, Golfers and other sports atheletes

A physio looks at sports performance in a different way than a strength and conditioning coach does. An experienced sports physio will be able to bio mechanically assess an athelete and pin point pr oblems that lead to underperformance or recurring injuries.

We believe these are highly beneficial to all levels and have just launched specialised classes that help you with Skiing Golf and Running to name a few.

chartered society of physiotherapists

We’re proud members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists.

This isn’t just so we can show the logo on our site. It’s because we take physiotherapy standards of care extremely seriously.

Experienced Physio’s with manual skills

It’s not easy to become a physio at Recovery & Beyond. You need years of varied experience and advanced skills in manual therapy and manipulation techniques.

These are the skills and attitudes we invest in. They are also, what enables us to help clients recover from injury and chronic long term pain.  We also believe it’s this expertise that sets us apart from other similar healthcare practitioners in Cardiff.

Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Osteopath? Which one should you choose?

Your body is a a highly connected structure, working on one part in isolation is unlikely to yield long term results. Like many leading practitioners we think about care holistically. To provide this level of care means that we offer the full range of manipulative and therapeutic techniques.

For example, your condition may require manipulation, the kind of treatment Chiropractor’s often provide. However, for long term recovery manipulation  alone may not be enough. To achieve lasting pain relief and mobility manipulation may need to be accompanied by joint mobilisation, soft tissue work and specific exercises. Recovery and Beyond are set up precisely with this type of holistic care plan in mind.

Here are some of the techniques and treatments available


The Physiotherapist may use high velocity low amplitude thrust techniques to increase range of movement at a specific joint . This can produce the characteristic click.

This is a specific technique only to be used when appropriate and only by those with specialist training. This will only be used in treatment when indicated and only done with your prior consent.


Joint mobilisations are repetitive or sustained specific joint movements which are used to relieve pain and increase movement .

Soft tissue techniques e.g. myofascial release

We are trained to use a wide range of soft tissues techniques including sports massage strokes , myofascial release , connective tissue and fascial manipulation , specific soft tissue mobilisation and muscle energy techniques among others . These are combined with other techniques to improve mobility and joint function . We also have two sports massage here at the clinic , and we work closely as part of a team , you may be referred to one of our sports masseurs should more soft tissue massage be recommended .

Neural Mobilisation

If indicated your Physiotherapist may decide to specifically mobilise neural structures , specific stretching movements with a combination of joint or soft tissue mobilisation techniques .

Specific Exercise Prescription

Exercise and functional rehabilitation and prehabititation is paramount in injury recovery and prevention , and is something we take very seriously at Recovery and Beyond Physiotherapy .

Keeping up to date with the latest research is important as things can change quickly in exercise medicine . Our exercises will always be evidence based and our expertise and involvement with sports teams and individuals means we have vast experience in exercise and rehabilitation .

Strength and conditioning principles are used for optimising normal , functional and sporting movement.


We use Acupuncture for pain relief and for the treatment of trigger point . Our approach combines traditional Chinese medicine points as well as additional western approaches including dry needling .

Not all of our Physiotherapists are qualified to provide this as part of your treatment if you are particularly interested in receiving acupuncture or have received it in the past with good effect , please tell reception at time of booking so you are booked in with one of our Acupuncture trained physios . Our clinic is licenced by Cardiff city council to carry out the practice of acupuncture by Qualified personel within the establishment .


We use electrotherapy when appropriate to either help relieve pain or to facilitate the bodys healing process. These are used when necessary but less frequently than our other techniques as we believe improving function with experienced hands on treatment to be the primary target of any intervention and which responds with the best results