Physio led clinical pilates classes



We were the first APPI approved Clinical Pilates Class in Cardiff. Classes fill up fast! Here are some dates, ring or email for availability.

MONDAY'S 1200 , 1300 , 1400 , 1700 , 1800 , 1900 , 2000 

WEDNESDAY'S 1200 , 1300 , 1800 , 1900 , 2000

THURSDAY'S 1730 , 1830 , 1930

FRIDAY'S 1200 , 1300



Beginner Pilates

A great way to introduce your body to the benefits of Pilates or an ideal class for those recovering from injury or as injury prevention as well as general fitness. Learn how to use your core abdominal and stabilising muscles to improve your strength, posture and movement.


Intermediate Pilates

For experienced beginners , without injuries. A higher level class for those who have completed our beginner classes and are ready to progress their strength , control and balance.

Advanced Pilates

Due to commence in the autumn along with sport specific classes

Advanced Pilates

The advanced Pilates class introduces you to the advanced APPI movements , with a strong focus on accuracy , precision and control . This class is the ultimate in body strengthening , lengthening and toning to restore the body to its absolute best after injury, for those experienced in APPI pilates.

Pilates Classes

APPI Pilates suits all ages and fitness levels and is particularly beneficial for those with back pain , poor posture , sports injuries , arthritis and before and after pregnancy .

Pilates for back pain

The medical world has now realised the benefits of Pilates for injury and rehabilitation. 80% of adults will experience back pain at some stage of their life. When left unmanaged a high proportion of people will continue to experience further episodes of back pain in future years. One key to preventing recurrences is to rehabilitate and re – train the deep abdominal , pelvic and spinal stability muscles to dynamically support the spine throughout movement.

Postural Assessment

Prior to starting our classes an initial consultation with the Physiotherapist is required to determine which classes would best meet your needs. At the time of your assessment , our Physiotherapist discusses your health history and your overall aims and goals for undertaking Pilates.

A postural assessment is carried out and specific areas noted to target through your programme. The Physiotherapist will introduce you to the Pilates principles and key elements. Once you have gained the fundamental principles the Physiotherapist will teach you basic Pilates mat exercises to enable you to practice the exercises at home in between supervised Pilates sessions.

Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) – Advanced Clinical Pilates

Pilates provides a unique method of restoring strength , flexibility and function. Recovery and Beyond Physiotherapy offers Pilates instruction by fully trained physiotherapists who are also advanced Pilates instructors trained by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute .

Progressive classes

The classes are progressive to maximise your improvement and learning of Pilates , APPI Pilates focuses on efficient and effective movement sequencing and co – ordination , emphasising quality not quantity , core stabilisation and postural correction. The group classes will combine the fundamentals of mat work with equipment based exercises. Specially designed equipment allows you to apply basic mat principles to more dynamic and challenging exercises.

Tel: 02920 625551

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Pilates is used by men and women for:-

  • back pain and lower backpain
  • pregnancy
  • posture improvement
  • weight loss

Pilates is also beneficial for the following sports: –

  • Skiiing/Skiers
  • Runners/Running
  • Football/Rugby
  • Dancers
  • Golf/Golfers