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Pre Ski Assessments: Skiing & Snowboarding

Our experience tells us that the best thing you can do to prepare for a skiing or snowboarding trip is to give a little thought to your conditioning and to assess any pre – existing or old injuries and complaints before an intensive week or more on the slopes. All assessments and classes are run by our Chartered Physiotherapists who understand the demands of skiing and Snowboarding and also like to spend time on the slopes themselves. We also understand that your conditioning requirements will vary depending on whether you are a skier or boarder , novice intermediate or someone who likes the most challenging of runs Here at the clinic we run Pre- ski assessments ,Ski – fit and advanced ski conditioning . Our aim is that you become fully prepared for the ski season ahead , minimising your chances of injury on the slopes and achieving your personal best . PRE- SKI ASSESSMENTS The Pre – ski assessments are one hour long assessments carried out by one of the Physiotherapists . This time will be spent on comprehensive testing which will include a physical assessment to outrule any existing injury or underlying potential for injury , and you will be advised accordingly . You will then spend time in the studio where a detailed assessment will be made in agility , flexibility , strength , proprioceptive and neuromuscular control. The physiotherapist will then spend time discussing their findings in relation to injury prevention and working on exercises that reflect your requirements. This is a highly individualised approach and a conditioning programme will be designed for you to implement . We recommend attending at least 4-6 weeks prior to your ski / snowboard trip . pre ski training cardiff

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Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports and Exercise Medicine

Recovery & Beyond is a proud member of The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports and Exercise Medicine. Yep that’s a mouthful! While our membership underlines our commitment to sports physiotherapy, it’s our years of experience in rehabilitating, strengthening and maintaining sportsmen, both amateur and elite that make us the most proud. We have slowly built up a centre of excellence that covers many of the aspects involved in preparation, rehab and recovery in the field of sports.

Physio for Runners, Skiiers, Golfers and other sports atheletes

A physio looks at sports performance in a different way than a strength and conditioning coach does. An experienced sports physio will be able to bio mechanically assess an athelete and pin point pr oblems that lead to underperformance or recurring injuries. We believe these are highly beneficial to all levels and have just launched specialised classes that help you with Skiing Golf and Running to name a few.

chartered society of physiotherapists

We’re proud members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists.

This isn’t just so we can show the logo on our site. It’s because we take physiotherapy standards of care extremely seriously.

Experienced Physio’s with manual skills

It’s not easy to become a physio at Recovery & Beyond. You need years of varied experience and advanced skills in manual therapy and manipulation techniques. These are the skills and attitudes we invest in. They are also, what enables us to help clients recover from injury and chronic long term pain.  We also believe it’s this expertise that sets us apart from other similar healthcare practitioners in Cardiff.

Sports Physio: Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries and Concerns

Knee assessment for skiing

  • weak knees
  • pain in knees
  • ways to strengthen knees

Strengthening Weak legs for Skiing

  • quadriceps/thighs

 Returning to skiing after injury

If you are returning to skiing after an injury for example an ACL operation we would highly recommend an assessment from a physiotherapist. Not only will this provide you with some areas to keep an eye on but it also will help boost your confidence on returning to skiing after a knee operation or injury.